6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Repainting your House Exterior

6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Repainting Your House Exterior

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Whatever the reason, painting the exterior is a big deal and requires planning. Here are important things to consider when repainting your house.


Photo Courtesy: Pexels

1. What’s the weather like right now?

The best painting season for house exteriors is typically when the weather is warm and rain is at a minimum. However, avoid painting on very hot days as it can prematurely cure paint, causing it to dry almost instantly as it’s applied.


Photo Courtesy: Pexels

2. Why am I repainting, in the first place?

Is it for sale purposes or for maintenance? If you are trying to increase the real estate value, we recommend choosing colors that are enticing for a larger audience, not just something you personally like. If it’s just for maintenance, no need to think about the color that much, you can use the same color, which is generally easier.


3. What kind of manpower do I need?

Ask yourself if you are ready to take on a long-term project, repainting your house might sound like an easy task, but there are factors that can make it difficult. The size of your house can determine if it’s doable by DIY or if you might need to hire painting contractors. If you are chasing a deadline, you’ll definitely need help with painting the house, professional painters are commonly a team so they can get the job done in a matter of days. Ask for comprehensive bids from the contractors. Make sure to ask them for the information of customers who were happy with the result. Always check reviews before hiring a team.


4. How much preparation is involved?

Make sure that your house is ready for painting. Do the necessary preparation in order for you or your team to successfully repaint your house. Get rid of mildew or dirt, make sure that the surface that is being painted is clean so the paint can adhere better. Inspect the condition of the surface if you need to sand any rough surfaces. Fill in holes and/or cracks so that paint doesn’t enter them.


5. What kind of paint will I use?

One of the most important things to consider is what paint to use. Be careful that the paint being used does not contain any lead, this is a health hazard. Make sure to measure the surface being painted to determine how much paint is needed. Purchase high-quality paint, it is cheaper down the road. If you use low-quality paint, you would have to repaint the house again and possibly hire a team again. In the end, you would spend more than if you started with quality paint.


Photo Courtesy: Freepik

6. What color do I paint the house?

If you want your house exterior to look larger and more inviting, consider using light colors house paint. Opt for dark colors for a more substantial feel. Dark colors also suggest stability and permanence when applied to the lower portion of a home. You may also use contrasting accent colors to add character to your house. It can be your window trim or other architectural details. Don’t forget to emphasize your entryway through color!

Accenting is great, but be mindful of drawing attention to drab features like gutters or air conditioning units. Highlight attractive elements of your house.


Photo Courtesy: Pexels

Consider your neighbors’ exteriors, too! Stand out, but do it in an unobtrusive way.


Photo Courtesy: Pexels

After you have thought about these considerations, grab your applicator of choice and get painting! Repainting can be a daunting task, but it is worth it for sale purposes or for home improvement purposes.

As always: when in doubt, ask for help.




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