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Green Public Procurement Program: Where Are We Now?

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In 2021, the Green Public Procurement (GPP) Act to navigate the Philippine government toward a more sustainable direction. Since it was released to the public, there have been mixed reactions to the GPP Program and its implementation.


However, a speech from Budget and Management Secretary Amenah Pangandaman called for the support of stakeholders and practitioners to aid in the Marcos Administrations’ efforts to pursue innovative and green public procurement initiatives.


In this article, we’ll be having a rundown of the GPP Program and the updates that we have on it as of October 2022.

What is the Green Public Procurement Program (GPP)?


The Green Public Procurement Program aims to achieve sustainable consumption and production in government procurement which is by the GPP Roadmap established by the Government Procurement Policy Board (GPPB). The GPP Program has the following objectives:


  • To promote the culture of making green, sustainable, and informant decisions in the government – especially in government procurement 
  • Requires the Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (PHILGEPS) to identify all the government agencies producing consumable and non-consumable supplies and equipment identified by the GPPB
  • To help observe green criteria in government procurement whenever practicable
  • To develop specific technical specifications for consumable and non-consumable products



The goal of the GPP is to navigate the government towards a more sustainable route by monitoring government procurement per the roadmap. It is consistent with the governing principles of Republic Act 9184 or the Government Procurement Reform Act.


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Green Public Procurement Program: Where Are We Know?


Efforts to keep the GPP Program in the country began to push in January 2021 when Senate Bill No. 1895 or the Green Public Procurement (GPP) Act was proposed. It was to establish a program where all government agencies can procure more goods with reduced environmental impact.


While there have been many opinions about the GPP and its purpose. Many have voiced their opinions on how the act is unnecessary but Budget and Management Secretary Amenah Pangandaman cited in her speech at the annual Procurement Summit 2022 the importance of sustainable initiatives to achieve public procurement efficiency among stakeholders.


Image from the Philippine Canadian Inquirer


Pangandaman stated, “…while we ease into the post-pandemic world, it remains essential to continue to educate our procurement practitioners and stakeholders on various innovations and initiatives in public procurement due to our commitment to efficiency and sustainability given the large volume of procurement programs and projects.”


Further, Pangandaman also expressed the need to explore more innovative and sustainable products and services as government services begin to upscale their business processes. She hopes to put more emphasis on protecting the environment and encourages stakeholders to be champions of innovative and green public procurement.


In other news, earlier in October, the World Bank also announced that they will be providing technical assistance to the Philippines. The World Bank will be providing aid to the procurement Service of the Department of Budget and Management (PS-DBM) to efficiently study, plan, and implement reforms and amendments to the procurement laws. This would also include the GPP Program and other areas including the budget treasury management system and the rightsizing program, among others.



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